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Terry Fox

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Terry Fox
It is extremely difficult to quantify the value of good health. There is virtually nothing in ordinary human life that can act as a substitute for good health. Even if an individual is blessed with immense wealth, the lack of good health can ruin the quality of life enjoyed by that individual. It is hard to mention good health in Canada without envisaging the contributions made by Terry Fox in channeling resources to fight cancer. Despite remarkable incapacities, Terry Fox’s marathons helped to raise cancer awareness and generate a considerable amount of revenue to help fight the disease that is among the deadliest in the planet.
Terry Fox had his right leg amputated when he was 18 years old due to cancer. Unlike most amputees, he continued to engage in intense physical activity to fight the pessimistic notion held by most people about disabled people. His marathon, ‘the Marathon of Hope’ as he called it, was able to create awareness throughout the country and raise over one million dollars towards efforts to fight the disease (Trottier, Maxine and Howell 1). Terry ran through extreme weather conditions just to show people that despite huge struggles, human beings could stay strong and resilient. His extraordinary determination was highlighted in his last in 1980 (Harrison 502). Terry narrates that he felt a sharp pain in his chest but he still kept going. Before the last race, he had run for over 140 days coverin…

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