Teacher Teaming

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Teacher Teaming

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Teacher teaming
Teacher teaming is a strategy used in most schools by teachers to focus on student needs collaboratively. Successful teacher teams in most schools integrate the strengths of various teacher’s viewpoints in a systematic way that no single teacher would have expounded independently. Like any form of collaborative scholarship, teacher teaming provides an array of teaching styles that help connect with the learning preferences of most students. Teachers in successful teacher teams regularly meet during school days to focus on various student needs and determine how best they can solve them.
At its best, teacher teaming allows students and the faculty to benefit from the healthy interchange of ideas in a setting that is characterized by mutual respect and a common goal. Teacher teams in various schools work differently depending on how they are structured. There are five types of team teaching, which include, the hierarchical teaching assignments, co-teaching, interdepartmental team teaching, full or part-time helpers, and trading groups (Drummond, 1961).
The hierarchy of teaching assignments is an instructional team that is developed to teach a particular group of students. It involves various teachers teaching the specific class on the same topic to enhance their understanding. Co-teaching is an approach where teachers are allocated a large group of students, and are therefore forced to plan togethe…

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