Taxonomy of Fallacies

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Taxonomy of Fallacies

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[Logic Project]
“It’s easy, and probably politically savvy, to wave away anti-Muslim sentiment with rhetoric about security and radicalization, as almost all the GOP presidential candidates have done. But the backlash against Muslims isn’t a temporally limited flare-up, tied only to recent violence and set to die down once the memories of Paris fade.” (Green 1) 
This argument can be dissected into a series of smaller arguments. For instance, there is the issue of the anti-Muslim sentiment in France, which is not a small issue. Also, the issue of the French politicians wanting to rule the attacks as isolated incidents. Hence, trying to diminish it by saying that the recent radicalization of the French press and citizens comes from the recent terrorist attacks is a flawed opinion. Likewise, by saying that these anti-Muslim outbreak is something new would be denying an existing problem in the country. On the other hand, this presents an interesting case, since according to this report, the press and the politicians have tried to explain the recent violence by blaming the attacks. Here we can see an example of a fallacy of affirming the consequent because the politicians seem to be saying that the bouts of anti-Muslim violence are a product of the attack. Therefore the attacks flared up the citizens, which is not the case as this violence has existed in the country for at least a century.

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