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Task 4

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Women and Gender Roles
The world war I changed the defined gender roles in society around the globe. In Canada for instance, women were forced to enter into the male-dominated workforce such as farm and munition. Women, therefore, took care of the family, which normally was headed by men who were the breadwinners. During world war I, men participated in the war, leaving their work and families behind. Therefore the government was forced to recruit young women to replace them. This completely changed the gender roles as many women were in the labour force such military nurses and medics.
The government had to use all means to raise money, produce arms and recruit citizens into the army and other industries such as propaganda. Propaganda was used persuade people into participating directly or indirectly in world war I. Posters were the primary tool of propaganda, where job advertisements were presented to manipulate people, promote patriotism, justify war, raise money and resources and promotes accepted standards of behaviour (Judge 1). It is through these posters that women joined the workforce, where some did for patriotism and other because it was the right thing to do at that time.
The overriding challenge for women especially those that had their own family was balancing work and family. It was a new routine for most women, considering their husband had left for war. The double workload for women has always been…

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