Talk about yourself in a job interview

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Talk about yourself in a job interview

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Taking About Myself in a Job Interview
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Taking About Myself in a Job Interview
I have quite a strong academic background as evidenced in my resume. My most recent academic fete is a master’s degree in Translation from the AAA university and which in earned I 2017. I also have a Bachelors’ Degree in English Language and Literature which I earned in 2013 from AAA University. Apart from the two degrees, I am also a proud holder of two diplomas, one in customer services and the other in human recourses. The main reason I decided to pursue the diplomas is that I wanted to expand my knowledge base. As such, I was motivated by the desire to learn more as opposed to specializing in the two fields. I have also been part of numerous training courses, one of them being TOT. By undertaking this course, I was able to gain immense public speaking skills. The training also allowed me to increase my awareness of the common training methods trainers utilize, the different types of trainees and how to handle them as well as ice-breaking skills. Other important things I was able to learn in such training sessions include communication skills, the Collen McCarthy Model as well as Hermann’s Model.
Apart from pursuing academics, I have also worked as a teacher of English at AAA International School. I only worked for a year as a teacher (2014-15) after which I resigned to pursue my master’s degree. I am interested also in working as a translator fo…

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