Support letter for Morocco, Mekness

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Support letter for Morocco, Mekness

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Support Letter for Morocco, Mekness
Northern Michigan University

Support Letter for Morocco, Mekness
Currently, I am completing my final year undergraduate degree at Northern Michigan University. I am pursuing my major in International Studies and minoring in sustainability. Towards completion of the undergraduate degree, it is a university requirement to pursue a further study abroad to affirm my proficiency and acquire the full degree. Particularly, it is imperative to learn outside the country and gain knowledge and experience in diverse aspects. Studying outside the country offers me the necessary exposure to interact and learn in multicultural environments. Furthermore, it enhances a broad understanding of international concerns when interacting with other students from other countries.
I have chosen to study in Africa because my major in International Relations demands so. I have always desired to study at Morocco Meknes. I would highly appreciate an opportunity to study my degree in International Relations in a very rich and culturally diverse city. I, however, have a key challenge of failing to fulfill the minimum requirement of GPA for the study of the degree. While the minimum GPA requirement is set at 2.5, I only have 2.05 score in my present GPA. That may bar me from securing a chance to complete my degree abroad at Morocco Mekness. Studying abroad is significant to my study as it allows me to acquire the degree and graduate successfully.
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