Summaryand Experience of the Debate

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Summaryand Experience of the Debate

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Summary and Experience of the Debate.
The proposition of the debate was ‘A danger of restricting internet content is that authoritarian countries use public safety as an excuse to limit free speech.’ Just like normal debates, there were two sides; one arguing for and the other side against the proposition. During the debate session, I was against the proposition. My reason for being against the proposal is that I viewed it as a necessary precaution for authoritarian governments to restrict internet content and free speech. This according to me, is vital in ensuring political stability in the country and safety of the citizens as it is necessary to limit instances that might lead to war, racism, terrorism, and obscene contents.
The debate was exciting, lively, engaging and a perfect learning experience. Despite being among the few individuals in the class who was on the con side, we eventually emerged the winners after an intensive debating session. We managed to articulate our arguments well that one student from the pro side was convinced and joined us. This shows that our ideas were weighty.
The debate was a very educative forum as I got a chance to learn and exercise skills such as public speaking, listening, research and critical thinking skills. I also learned how to organize ideas and present them well. The debate was not only an opportunity to learn and exercise how to defend points with ultimate precision…

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