substance abuse

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substance abuse

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Substance abuse
For an individualized health plan to be developed by the school nurse for the student, a complete history of the stated mental health problem (bipolar disorder) and substance abuse problem has to be provided. The boy is an adolescent, from the African-American community that can help in the making of the individualized healthcare plan. This plan is essential since it contributes to improving educational quality attained by the student as they study. Their family financial situation should be elaborated and the kind of neighbor they share, to help link the health problems ass the intervention is being designed. The various health challenges that the adolescent exhibited can be managed through inter-disciplinary healthcare experts. For instance, a psychiatrist can help control the bipolar disorder that a psychologist can help with the drug abuse problem. The individual healthcare plan will be in effect once the healthcare provider, the student, and the family members agree to the formal written statement, concerning the treatment regimen.
The plan helps the school to obtain the information that can be used to provide special education for students dealing with given health conditions like the ones stated above. The student will use the information to avoid unwanted risks, to deal with stigma, and ensure they are always present for learning sessions. The plan helps the student to realize their ac…

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