Struggles of single Parenthood

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Struggles of single Parenthood

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Struggles of Single Motherhood
Theresa Woghiren Esso
September 20, 2015
Health Care
Struggles of single Parenthood
Section 1: Introduction
The increase in divorce rates and teenage pregnancies globally has ultimately led to an increase in the number of single parenthood families. In this situation, the parent focuses on his or her career, being a parent, and putting food on the table (Wilson,1993). The single spouses face challenges alone and, as a result, often find life difficult while in the process of getting back on track. From the hundreds of testimonials read about the different successful single mothers, it is evident that the socioeconomic issues faced are similar (Fawzia, 2011). Conversely, many rise above the problems by looking for help, being strong at heart, having the zeal to manage through it. The essay below will go a step further into augmenting those problems. Single mothers face many social and economic challenges because of low income, lack of financial support from the spouse, and emotional pain on the children and family.
Section 2: Conclusion
Concisely, from the above arguments, it is clear that single parents face financial, emotional, and social problems. Also, there is a negative impact on the children. A single parent can overcome financial problems such as the shortage of emergency funds or credit by seeking financial support from family members and prioritizing the financial goals. Anxiety, stress, and resentment towards an ex-…

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