Statement of Core Problem

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Statement of Core Problem

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Problems of Cirque
It is clear that Cirque did experience some problems as demonstrated by some employees. Cirque encountered problems regarding how best they could carry out the business and widen their market niche. Some of the problems identified to have impacted Cirque include competition, high price on tickets, and diversification of products. This essay will analyze the above problems; discuss their origin and their sovereignty to stakeholders.
Diversification of business into other types of products: this problem emanates from the introduction of products such as complex cirques and spas. The idea of diversification was severe to the company’s sense of belonging. This problem impacts the shareholders given the fact that diversification to other products will not be a viable source of revenue to the business (Leslie, Deborah, and Norma 45). It will take the company additional cost to and resources to make it viable hence not recommended as the best strategy that should be employed by the stakeholders.
Extreme competition: this problem originated soon after the introduction of one arrival, and Cirque Oz in Australia. The competition, especially from Oz, was severe to the stakeholders since it prevented Cirque du Solei from accessing permits (DeLong et al. 21). The competition hindered Cirque from enjoying a business monopoly.
Expensive ticket prices: the origin of this problem can be traced from the high cost of admin…

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