Special Education Services

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Special Education Services

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Special Education Services
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Special Education Services
Describe at least three special education services for students with impairments in sight and hearing:
Such challenges often hinder normal learning in students. For this reason, there are special education services set aside for blind and deaf students (Algozzine & Ysseldyke, 2014). Blind students may be exposed to adaptive technology to enhance their learning. There are also various devices such as optical and assistive devices that may improve special education. In fact, using this technology, the students are dependent on their efforts. There are services such as Braille translation, enlargement of screens, speaking calculators and Braille printers, among others. They positively impact the progress of special education (Presley & D’Andrea, 2008).
Using the Braille translations, printed material is converted into Braille hence improves learning for blind students. Services that augment screens are used to increase the size of objects on the screen. As a result, the objects are more visible to blind students. Speaking calculators assist blind students in handling various calculations. The voice adaptation helps them to undertake calculations using the device without help from teachers. Similar to Braille translation, Braille printers are used to convert Braille to print form. These services may be used by teachers or instructors to improve the learning process.

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