Social Work Profession

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Social Work Profession

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Social Work Profession
Social Work Profession
What is social work?
Social work is a job that deals with assisting people, specific group, families or the society to better their collective or personal well-being (The National Association of Social Work, 2015). The main agenda for any social work is to aid individuals with skills that will enable them to utilize their resources and use them to solve their community problems. The government uses social work strategy with the aim of solving community problems like domestic conflict, poverty and joblessness.
The concept of social work was used in the initial formation of social justice and human rights departments. Social work is different from other types of work because it blends particular skills, ideas or values as a mode of intervention in solving issues. Additionally, it uses relationship such as the respect for the community involvement and choice to ensure that its main agenda is accomplished. Social work plays a significant role in a social, political or economic context. This is because any of these contexts can result in violence or social tension. Therefore, social workers are used in ensuring that peace is observed in the community.
Why social work profession and what does that mean?
Contrarily, many conflicting ideologies undermine the concept of social work practices. For instance, many people find it had to recognise social work as a professional job. In the past, social work…

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