Skills Assignment – Microsoft Word Formatting

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Skills Assignment – Microsoft Word Formatting

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Module 03 Skills Assignment – Microsoft Word Formatting
Module 03 Skills Assignment – Microsoft Word Formatting
Uses of The Internet
The internet has four significant uses; enhancing lessons, studying and research, communication, and accessibility (Carli & Durkee, 2016). The internet contains more resources and material like interactive lessons that can help enhance experiences. Some lessons can be provided over the internet thus reducing the cost and time of commuting to school. Additionally, tests, homework, and collaboration with students can all be performed using the internet. The internet is a source of vast amounts of information that is available by merely searching. Consequently, it has replaced libraries as a source of information for studies and research. The internet allows instant communication between peers thus enabling efficient collaboration without meeting face to face among other benefits. Furthermore, the internet has enhanced accessibility to free lectures and education to impoverished communities.
How the Internet Impacts our Daily LivesThe internet has impacted various aspects of our daily lives such as finance, and source of information, communication, shopping, and performing multiple tasks (Carli & Durkee, 2016). The internet has meant functions like checking emails and notifications can be completed very fast. Also, the internet is used to order items online on various websites like Amazon. These shopping sites are c…

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