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Simon Bolivar

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Napoleon Bonaparte was a French Military general was also the first emperor of France.
1) Was Napoleon a child of French Revolution: Napoleon can also be considered as the child of the French revolution because of his government after crowning himself an emperor together with the local reforms confirmed with the French revolution of 1789. As an emperor, he was also able to conserve to a greater extent the revolutionary principles.
2) Was Napoleon a conqueror or Reformer: Napoleon is considered one of the greatest conquerors in the world; however, his good legal and administrative changes affected the course of history. Being ambitious, vocal and driven by sheer work he succeeded in becoming the French ruler and established a larger territory.
3) Did his Conquests help spread ideals of benightment: As the Napoleon conquest spread, it helped to spread the ideals of the enlightenment and the French revolution since the countries he had conquered had versions of the Napoleonic code hence spreading new ideas and institutions of the French Revolution. 4) Proposal of the manifesto of the communist party: Different classes of people struggle in different dimensions based on their structural locations as well as the nature in which they resist. Through struggle, the exploited class gets educated, and it is also through effort that this class gets to know the magnitude of its power.
5) What classes were…

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