Setting Up Business in China

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Setting Up Business in China

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Setting Up Business in China
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Setting Up Business in China
Many people in China own smartphones hence they can surf the internet, especially in large urban centers. This is seen as an added incentive to set up shop in China. However, there is also the menace of counterfeit goods in the market which are sold at lower prices (Tian, 2016) This is backed by a customer base which only relies on the trusted suppliers it has acquired over time.
Types of Businesses
The Chinese are very sensitive in the way they handle foodstuff hence setting up a local restaurant which offers quality Chinese food and is a clean restaurant may be a good project. The Chinese are proud of their culture that is culinary heritage hence prefer to eat their culturalism foods (Mann, 2018). Online sales can be profitable due to the vast market provided by people with access to the internet. The business could be that of selling items online and hence transporting them to the customers within the vicinity and beyond. The products sold will have to have a taste of status symbol as the Chinese like to associate themselves with the class representing social status.

Challenges and Risks
There is the challenge of bureaucracy where many firms have decided to quit the market because of struggling to keep up with the laws (Murray, 2014) There is the challenge that the Chinese have trust issues regarding other business people hence favor their own by buying only…

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