Sequencing Mathematics Lessons

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Sequencing Mathematics Lessons

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Sequencing Mathematics Lessons

Sequencing Mathematics Lessons
Topic: Measurement
Introduction & Background
The main aim of this lesson is to teach students how to determine the surface area and volume of right prisms using a variety of mathematical tools and through investigation. Students will carry out investigations using concrete materials and use the angles between the faces of prisms to identify right prisms. This lesson will also help the student solve a variety of problems that require conversions between measuring units of area, such as square meters and square centimeters. They will also be in a position to solve problems that involve volume and surface area of right prisms which may require conversions between the metric measures of volume and capacity. In the end, students will also be in a position to explain the relationship that exists between the measurement of area and exponential notation CITATION Mah15 l 1033 (Sharma & Stanton, 2015).
During the three lessons, students will develop and also apply the standard formula for finding the volume of right prisms using area of base and height. They will also investigate the volume of different cylinders and right prisms. Eventually, they will make conversions between the metric units of capacity and volume, and sketch the different prisms that have equal volumes. The students will also determine the key characteristics of right prims, the surface area of right prisms an…

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