Plan for school field trip

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Plan for school field trip

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Plan for school field trip
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Plan for school field trip
In the child-centred progressive project, there needs to be an understanding of the psychology of the child, then the learning difficulties for the child are provided to allow the child to overcome them. When the students are engaged in such a situation, they tend to participate in the investigation that is in depth and is worth exploration (Hugg, & Wurdinger, 2007). This shifts the teaching method from the teacher to the student. Thus, when there is a field trip for an elementary school field, planning for such trip based on the child-centred progressive project is the best way to engage students. For a successful tour that will achieve the initial objectives, the unique plan needs to be in place.
Before the trip, students need to get themselves engaged in some projects which they may pick by themselves or get help from the teacher. They should be allowed to work on the projects on their own. Later, the teacher steps in to challenge the students about the particular project they are working on.
Students need to inform the teacher what they want to establish from the trip concerning the project they are handling. They need to prepare their required materials necessary for the trip and which they feel will help them get the facts of the project. The teacher in charge should provide students with the facts that allow them to make a comparison of what they meet in the field and the facts…

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