Self Image in Accouting

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Self Image in Accouting

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Self-Image and my Profession
The way one sees oneself is very important in improving professional life. Self-image is defined as a mental picture of oneself both as a physical body and as an individual (American Sexual Health Association, 2018). Being a college teacher by profession, maintaining a healthy self-image has been my goal. This has helped boost my self-esteem in performing my professional responsibilities diligently. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my self-image in the following ways: First, I will discuss on how my self-image has had a positive influence in my career life. The third paragraph would be on how my self-image has had a negative impact on my teaching job, and finally, the last section will offer a commentary about the feedbacks I receive concerning my self-image and how I applied them in bettering my self-image.
At the workplace, developing a positive and a realistic attitude the people around me has helped me deliver my teaching skills with ease. This has been through appreciating my worth, and at the same time behaving responsibly towards others. Due to this, my relationship with the board of governors, fellow teachers, and students has improved a lot.
Concerning how my self-image has influenced negatively in my career, I would say the tendency to accommodate all kinds of character has subjected me to harassment not only from colleagues but also students. For instance, there was a case I han…

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