Selection to Navy Career Counselor Recruiter Force

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Selection to Navy Career Counselor Recruiter Force

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Most respected members; through this application I at this moment wish to submit my sincere interest for selection in the Navy Counselor Recruiting Force. I hope to be strong in elucidating my conviction that I got all that it takes for the selection in the recruiting. My vast experience, ethics as well as passion makes me an exceptional candidate to take the position of a Career Recruiting Force member.
The decision to switch to Career Recruiting Force is one of my personal commitment; I am convinced beyond doubts that my seven years in the Navy has shaped my professionalism and equipped me with vital tools to excel in the recruiting field.
Since I joined the Navy in the year (insert the year here) and had been assigned to the (insert your department here) department, I have become a good cash manager, an experienced leader and a team player that I celebrate today. Straight from the first day I met the chief recruiting officer, I was very inspired by the interaction. This made me totally change my view of how I perceived the recruiting staffs. The openness and trustworthiness that was expressed to me made me feel that I completely need to be part of the recruiting force. I spent some time in his office where he jokingly gave me some tasks to man a little chain of his daily chores. I attended the soldiers under his instructions, and I was overwhelmed by the good relationship the office had with its clients. In the first place customer satisfaction was the key point; all …

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