Sea Blue Hotel Client Interview

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Sea Blue Hotel Client Interview

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Sea Blue Hotel Client Interview
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What is your Business?
Sea Blue Hotel is a popular Inn hotelinn that deals with providing meals to tourist and accommodations for them (Donzel, C., Gregory, A., & Walter, M. 1989). It strives at delivering the best customer satisfaction and the best meals in the region. We are also providing drinks to our customers which makes our hotel classified as an Inn. In the recent past, it began to offer conference halls to the companies who visited in a bid to hold their meetings at the coast near the beaches.
How long have you been in Business?
We have been in business for the past ten years since the year 2008; we have been growing steadily ever since and currently, we are the best in the region. Providing the best services is what has brought us this far and customer satisfaction what brings about the customer loyalty we experience.
Who is your Customer?
Our customers range from tourists both local and international who visit the sandy beaches. We also receive corporate visitors who come to hold their annual meetings and dinners at our hotel. Students from the nearby universities are our frequent customers who come in to take drinks on the evening on weekends.
What is your biggest problem in the business?
Our biggest problem currently is advertising, the issue of making our business known both for the locals and the internationals is the challenge we face (Donzel, Gregory, & …

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