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schematize an argument

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Rousseau’s argument On the Social Contract Student’s name:
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The social contract has been established, but Rousseau suggests the need for a force to maintain it, else it perishes. The power of resistance, he suggests shows in full force as man is no longer in the primitive condition. Coming together to overcome the resistance is the only way that man shows this force at work. However, in the social contract, there is a problem in that coming together might threaten the ability to preserve self-interests. The solution appears to be in finding a way to come together without necessarily loosing the self-interests, a possibility in the social contract. This suggests the creation of a whole in which every part remains important. In this state, a sovereign is formed with only the interests of those forming it. To prevent the self-interests from violating the interests of the whole, there is an undertaking that the whole shall compel whoever fails to operate according to the general will to do so.
In forming the contract, a civil state is created from the state of nature. In the process, justice is substituted for instinctual behavior. Morality is also given to the human actions. In this case, Rousseau suggests than man can no longer act in a lawless state as he acted in the state of nature. By losing what he had in the state of nature, man gains civil liberty as well as the proprietorship for what belongs to him. There is also gaining of the mora…

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