Same-Sex Marriage #2

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Same-Sex Marriage #2

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Same Sex Marriage
Democracy precludes the rights of the citizens in choosing a government. The state and legislators are responsible for the running of the government and implementing of laws within the nation. Same-sex marriages preclude unions between people of the same sex (Conkle 30). Gays and Lesbians are typical examples of same-sex couples in the USA. Previously, citizens regarded homosexual relationships as unstable psychological people. Scientists carried out numerous researches on the matter and realized little information on the state of the couples within same-sex relationships. However, conservative communities such as African Americans and Filipinos vehemently opposed same-sex relationships in the USA. The clamor for equal rights for all people was as a result of Hawaii court ruling against discrimination against same-sex marriages. Previously, most of the states refused to give certificates of marriage to married same-sex couples in the USA.
Supporters and sympathizers of same-sex marriages previously relied on a ruling that validated interracial marriages in the USA. The supporters substituted the right to marry other races to include the right to marry people of the same sex. The debate resulted in political rhetoric within the nations’ political leadership. The Democrats, known for championing the rights of the citizens were more supportive of same-sex marriages. The Republicans believed that marriage was for procreation purposes, unlike same-sex marriages…

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