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In the early mid-nineteenth century, Transcendentalism rose in America into legendary manifestation. The fanatics alleged that knowledge could be attained through intuition and contemplation of the inner spirit. Believe was that theology existed on a person and not on the basis of the church. Transcendentalism signified a new understanding of truth and knowledge “Thoreau feels that people are conforming to prescribed norms and losing autonomy” ” (“Individuality & Social Conformity – Thoreau’s View | World Academy of Art & Science”). Henry David Thoreau, a role player in the Transcendentalist believed that persons should be self-reliant and live a simple life.
On the most basic level, Transcendentalism signified a new way of identifying truth and knowledge. People work at unfulfilling jobs just to get day by day basic needs rather than aiming at their life goals. We live their lives in the same accordance to machines by over working ourselves, in its place we should aim at our personal life goals, “Machines are tools utilized to accomplish a task. Nevertheless, autonomy is replaced by productivity” (“Individuality & Social Conformity – Thoreau’s View | World Academy of Art & Science”. By depicting such attributes men are gradually losing their humanity. Inheritance is a major way in which individuality is lost because individuals prefer to inherit materials wealth rather than work on attaining…

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