roles of external professionals who may work with a school

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roles of external professionals who may work with a school

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Roles of External Professionals Who May Work with a School
The diversity and specialties required in education sector require the collaboration of the internal and external professions. For the students to achieve academic and vocational success, they should have support for mental, physical and psychological health. Hence, external professionals in the field of education contribute the general welfare of the students.
The Education Welfare Officer
The Education Welfare Officers are involved in activities that promote the attendance of the children in local schools. In a typical day, the officers seek to identify and solve the problems at home that will affect the performance and general welfare of the children. The officers also engage the parent in enlightening them on their roles to promote education for the children.
Early Years Team
Early Years Teams roles entail working in Health and Social Care Trust. Some of the responsibilities of Early Years Teams include promoting registration, monitoring, inspection as well as the support of the daycare providers. The team also check the condition of premises to ensure the safety of the children, suitability of the childcare employees and making sure the standards are upheld by agencies that care for the children.
The school improvement partner (SIP)
The school improvement partner criticizes programs in learning institution to improve the leadership, performance, and planning …

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