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What is your definition of role-play?
This is the act of imitating/ behaving like a character that is different from you.
What type of characters have you role-played before, or do you intend to role-play?
I intend to role-play as darkspear in the Scarlet Crusade.
When do you feel is a good time to break character?
When other characters disagree/ cross the line while role-playing and suddenly go out of character that brings about clutter. However, I feel like a role-player should never break character.
Can you please link the rules and tell us what you think is good or bad about them. good:
Characters are respectful at all times.
Zero contact with the staff is a good rule since it stretches someone beyond their imaginative limits to try out all available options, whether they work or not.
The “do not break character” is a good rule since the game goes on without distractions, regardless of whether things go according to plan or not. In line with that, a character only appearing when they are relevant helps to keep the game flowing.
The bad
For some scenes, characters may need to be extra in their characters like jumping on top of police vehicles for a shooting scene which is against the rules.
A helicopter may come in handy to carry out tasks, but they are not allowed in the game.
You are robbing a store. Inside the store is the owner and a civilian. Both individuals are begging you …

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