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Report on websites

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Week 4 Discussion: Report on Websites
Week 4 Discussion: Report on Websites
This essay reports on various websites that provides web users with business and financial management products and services. Among the products are credit facilities, insurance packages, software deals whereas the services include policy information and regulation updates.
Sage Group PLC website is advertising a business management software, Sage 300cloud, which helps enterprises manage their finances, operations, inventory to improve the visibility of the business (Sage Group, 2018). The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provides detailed information about the deposit insurance, consumer protection, industrial analysis, regulations and examinations, institution and assets as well as news and events related to the bank (FDIC, 2018). Website users can also gain information about the bank, quick links as well as press releases.
ASEC website provides information about saving ways and all aspects of financial security. Website visitors can also access information about the banks strategic plan, testimonials, list of partners affiliated with the bank and how to become a member (ASEC, 2018). It also offers saving tips to visitors and informs members about their meeting dates.
BankwMass website informs the visitors about the type of loans offered to registered customers by banks (ANON, 2018). Some of the loans they offer include consolidate loans, conventional loans…

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