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reflective memo

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Reflective Memo
As a reader of my portfolio, I would like you to notice how my writing has greatly improved. All the pieces in my writing fit together since it has a flow of ideas thus making it very easy to read and understand. It is also well punctuated and the language used is perfect. The pieces show that I have done a lot of work in trying to perfect my writing, and that is why it has greatly improved.
In my revisions, I was trying to find out some of the areas that I was not good in. The revisions also helped me know the areas that I had to perfect. I was able to accomplish that by doing the necessary corrections and in the process of making the corrections, I was able to perfect my writing, and it also helped me learn what writing entails. I had a great problem in punctuation, however, through the revisions I was able to learn where and how to use punctuation and that has helped a lot in making my writing effective. It was also hard for me to write a good flow of ideas, and that make it very difficult for one to read and understand my essays. However, the revisions have really helped me in writing ideas that are in a good flow.
I have helped in improving writing in my class. That is because my classmates and I formed a group that focused on writing. We were able to learn about what writing entails, and we also wrote a number of essays as a group. With that, we were all able to help each other, and our writing has improv…

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