Rediscovering My Passion: Boxing and Law

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Rediscovering My Passion: Boxing and Law

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The stadium is fully packed with spectators. All eyes of the spectators fixed on the ring. The fans have anticipated the fight for a long time. It is a big day. Bedecked in their colorful attires and raising their placards, they shout to support their favorite boxers. Two muscular men jump onto the stage followed by a serious-looking referee with a unique uniform. Shouts, yells, and ululations fill the field. A beautiful lady walks the stage and announces the names of the boxers. It is Marcus versus John. The bell rings, and the match begins. Marcus hits Jones in his right eye until it waters. He staggers to the left as the fans cheer on. Angered by the blow, Jones roars like a lion and hits Marcus in his right eye. The blow sends him down rolling on the ground. The crowd cheers on. The referee counts to three. The opponent does not wake up. Jones wins the fight. Jubilation fills the stadium.

My name is Jones. I am a boxer. I love boxing. It is my passion. I started boxing at a tender age. Boxing is part of the culture in my community. Boxing helps the community in bringing people together to have fun, socialize, and forget their differences as they watch the game.
Boxing allows me to express myself. It depicts my struggle not only in the ring but also in life. Boxing has helped me to build my character. It teaches me to take care of myself both mentally and physically. Boxing tells me that I am capable of defending myself and the people around me. That is why I would like t…

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