Real reasons behind the Civil War revised

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Real reasons behind the Civil War revised

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Real Reasons behind the Civil War
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A civil war is a war that is fought by the citizens of the same country. There are several examples of civil wars that existed in the 19th and 18th century. English, Spanish, and American civil wars are examples of one the greatest civil wars to be witnessed in history. In America, the civil war was fought between the northern and southern confederate states in the period 1861-1865 to decide the survival of the independence and union of the Confederacy (Hummel, 2013). Several factors contributed to the American civil war.
To begin with, the argument on the future of slavery led to the disturbance of union. The dispute steered the secession motion that brought about a war in which the western and northern territories and states fought to retain the union. The South battled to institute southern freedom as a new confederation of states under their constitution. The Southern agrarian population used slaves to work in their plantation and perform other laborious jobs. Meanwhile, the northern states were gradually abolishing slavery. The first instance of war occurred in Kansas where the Missourians who supported slavery filled the states to assist in forcing it to be a slave state. Violence erupted in Lawrence Kansas which made it to called Bleeding Kansas. The fight was even witnessed on the Senate floor. South Carolina’s Senator Preston Brooks fought Charles Sumner, a slave proponent over the head (Kelly,…

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