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• What problem is the author identifying? Who does the problem relate to? For whom is this topic important and why?
Looking critically at the post, “Stop Penalizing Little Boys for Not Being Able to Sit Still” and “Little Girls Doubt They Can Be Brilliant, Study Says,” it is evident that the authors of the texts are trying to put forward the fact the various activities taking place in schools today affected students negatively. For instance, the first post uses a personal narrative to discuss how teachers especially female teachers perceive teaching boys. This problem relates to young teachers. It is evident that the post aims to discuss the discrimination that the young innocent students go through while in school due to their hormones. I agree with the author that boys may be too disruptive. However, teachers should understand that there is a stage when a boy child has to become adventurous and therefore too fidgety. Female teachers in mixed or boy schools should be strategic when teaching them and avoid subjecting them to too much. They should understand that boys will pass through some stages where they may show some rebellious behaviors. This does not mean that they will remain like this forever.
● What would I point out as important about this topic to others who either question or disagree with my point of view?
In the second article, the author’s motive is to demonstr…

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