Reading Critique Richard Rodriguez

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Reading Critique Richard Rodriguez

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Reading Critique: Richard Rodriguez
In this essay, we shall answer a series of questions related to Richard Rodriguez’s book “Aria: Memoirs of a Bilingual Childhood”. To keep the piece consistent and cohesive, we shall answer them separately.
Explain the title’s relationship to the rest of this piece. Apparently, the title relates to the piece. In the essay, Rodriguez speaks about his relationship with Spanish. In the same way, the title refers to the experience the author had growing up in two environments. He chose English culture as a way to gather the potential of the American culture instead of feeling separated.
What is the turning point that made Rodriguez decide to start learning “classroom English?” At first, Rodriguez was unable to communicate adequately in English. It was not until he began to fall behind in English that the nuns noticed that fact and told his parents to start speaking English to their children
Describe the feeling the “dark-faced old woman” on the bus evoked in Rodriguez. The encounter made Rodriguez long for what he thought had lost. From the moment he started using English at his house, his vision toward Spanish also changed; it sounded alien to him, but it evoked his heritage and some roots he did not think his.
What does the author mean by referring to Spanish as a “private language”? He does not consider that bilingual education should exist be…

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