Reader response Journal for The Chrysalids

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Reader response Journal for The Chrysalids

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Reader response Journal for The Chrysalids
The chrysalids was written by John Wyndham and is a fiction novel on issues of science. It was published by Joseph Michael in the year 1955 and regarded as the best works by John. The novel indicates various changes in Waknuk, and religious practices are ensured through different personalities. The events are recorded through a sequential selection of the chapters.
Journal 1
The people from Waknuk have a different lifestyle as they are to deal with their deviations. The inhabitants are comfortable with their nature and desire to stay and live with their siblings who have deviations. They do not understand why Joseph is so strong in refuting those who have deviations. They are informed by Joseph to follow all the religious laws for purposes of making a strong community. Such sentiments do not go well with the inhabitants as they feel that the God they are to serve did bring them a cataclysmic event that might destroy the world. The people who are backward with their technology are beset by prejudice and fear to ensure the following of the Old Testament teachings (LʼHelias 100).
The teachings warn them to eradicate all forms of mutations from crops to humans for purposes of keeping a pure population and environment. The reasons given for the purity are that the people themselves are created in the image of God and that they should always follow his precepts and ways. Keeping the n…

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