Racism 3

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Racism 3

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Racism is defined as a certain type of prejudice on a particular group basing on faulty reasoning and inflexible generalization of facts, thoughts, and behaviors (Farfan-Vallespin and Mathew 5). Racism is experienced in various aspects such as denial of employment opportunities, political rights, housing, social interactions, harsh treatment and suspicion due to one’s ethnicity. The discrimination divides the community in that the victims of racially motivated aggressions exist in a certain community while the aggressors live in a different community (Jefferson 2). The African-Americans, Latinos, and Asians are mostly the groups that are discriminated due to the race in many regions (Jefferson 41). Despite a few individuals who embrace racism as a ‘protectionist’ kind of practice, it is an unacceptable tradition, which devalues the fabrics of humanity.
Racial discrimination leads to adverse physiological effects on individuals discriminated against. It has been identified that racial discrimination adds stress to the racial minorities (Crocker 1). The repeated encounters of discrimination such as individuals being treated with suspicion can over time lead to increased stressed levels and low self-esteem, hatred. Both the young and mature individuals are affected by the discrimination. As a result of the low self-esteem, the experiences led to anxiety and sometimes, depression. According to Crocker (14), the victims may often develop coping mechanism such indulging in d…

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