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quotes comparison

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Quotes Comparison
American playwright Tennessee Williams once wrote that” We are all of us sentenced to solitary confinement inside our own skins, for life” (1). In his context, solitary confinement means a cage or rather a prison of loneliness. The American playwright meant that human beings are prisoners to the state of loneliness in their lives. Being lonely is a state of mind that can eat away someone despite the fact that they have their friends and families on their side. It is a state that anyone can easily experience in their lives as it is also inevitable. However, sometimes the state of being lonely can be as a result of an event. Therefore, in such circumstances, one sentences him or herself to the state of solitary confinement.
Williams’ quote is closely connected his line to the monsters quoting of Paradise Lost that, “Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay mold me, man? Did I solicit you from darkness to promote me?”(Williams 1). The question was presented by Adam to God in his state of uncertainty as to why God created him. Adam is compared to the monster since after reading Paradise Lost, the monster relates Adams story to its own life. Therefore, the quote is a clear foreshadowing of the way the monster is in an inner conflict with itself.
The two quotes are related since, at the time the monster quoted the Paradise Lost, one can see that it was in a state of loneliness. Similarly, …

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