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Psychology Essay

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Effects of Perceptions of Women’s Intellectual and Leadership Abilities on Workplace Experiences
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How Perceptions of Women’s Intellectual and Leadership Abilities Influence Their Workplace Experiences
Although women’s contribution in areas anciently believed to be for men has increased in the past one century, there is a lot of understatement of their capabilities at work and in academic fields. In their recent study, Smith, and Gayles (2018) note that women struggle more than men do, not only in getting jobs but also in keeping them, to be promoted, and in attaining pay equity status. Therefore, the perception of females’ intellectual and leadership abilities negates their workplace experience since their capability is misjudged and their efforts underpaid.
In most cases, women’s performance in workplaces is misjudged since they are considered inferior to men in most tasks. Despite having attended the same classes and gone through the same education training with men, women are downplayed during interviews for jobs, and getting their promotion. For example, an interviewee in the study by Smith and Gayle (2018) explains how men in her engineering class would question her being engineering yet they were exposed to the same training and class test. Conclusively, underestimating women’s power is an indicator of sexism at the workplace, and this victimizes woman more in earning their livelihood.
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