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psychological disorder

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Psychological disorders
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Psychological disorder is a wide topic. There are different classifications of the psychological disorders. This paper, however, focuses on offering adequate information to the reader on three types of disorders namely emotion regulation, neurological disorder and body dysmorphic disorder. The paper discusses the characteristics of each of the three disorders. Ways of managing the disorders are also clearly elaborated.

More often than not, many people don’t understand the difference between mental disorder and Psychological disorders. We shall examine the meaning of each and the difference between the two. According to Templin & Henson (2006) Psychological disorders are broadly explained as the psychological dysfunction in a person. The person is usually impaired or distressed, and the reaction they give is unexpected to the culture. On the other hand, mental disorder is a broader area that takes all the mental health conditions that may affect an individual’s thinking, behavior, or even their mood (Melville et al. 2010). According to Stein et al. (2010) psychological disorders fall under mental disorders, since in they affect a person’s thinking and behavior in most times.
After reading different sources, it is evident that different people’s reactions vary when confronted by different situations. Looking at Captain Sullenberg’s situation, it is amazin…

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