Psychological Aspects of Aging

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Psychological Aspects of Aging

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Week Discussion: Psychology Aspects of Aging
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Psychology Aspects of Aging
Key events that have influenced Sara’s relationships
Two main events have hampered Sara’s relationships negatively. The first one is the loss of her husband. It appears that the husband has been the closest person that she ever had to herself. By this, therefore, the loss of the husband created a huge gap in her life that has ended up feeling depressed and alone. The second reason is the son who she is not able to relate well with him because of the frequent fights that they are having. The son is the only person that they could be interacting with more frequently. However, the depression is worsened by the fact that she cannot relate well with the only person at home. She is also too much into her cats that have made her not to do more towards forging a warm relationship with her son.
An adopted theory of successful aging for Sara
Many theories are used to aid towards successful aging. However, the bet that suits Sara is the activity theory of successful aging. According to this theory, engaging one in many different social and community activities ensures that they are engaged and can also foster relationships with each other (DeLiema & Bengtson, 2017). The theory best suits Sara because the major problem that she faces is being alone and lonely at home and outside. In as much as shopping has been doing her good, the effect is not effective because after …

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