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Protista/Fungi Research Report

Protista/Fungi Research Report
Amoeba Proteus
The name Amoeba Proteus was derived from the Greek words; Amoeba meaning to change, and the Greek word Proteus which is the Greek Sea God. This means that just like the Sea God, Amoeba Proteus always changes its shape in order to move CITATION Mar001 l 1033 (Marshall Cavendish , 2000). Amoeba Proteus does this by extending its Pseudopodia or tiny extensions and the fluid in the Amoeba Proteus then flow into the Pseudopodia thus making the entire organism move in the direction of the Pseudopodia CITATION Amo15 l 1033 (Amoeba , 2015).
Importance of the Species
Amoeba Proteus is not harmful to humans like other Protista and thus, need no cure. Amoeba Proteus is not capable of causing any diseases on its own but it acts as a host of diseases causing pathogens. As a matter of fact, Amoeba Proteus is used in medical biology to teach cell biology and in biological research studies. This can be attributed to their fairly large size of Amoeba Proteus that can be seen both by the naked eye and using the microscope to see the cell organelles inside the Amoeba Proteus.
Amoeba Proteus is found in fresh water bodies with high oxygen supply. It also inhabits large food webs mainly with algae or plants. It mostly dwells in moist habitats and under anything that provides shelter from light because of its adversity to light CITATION Kwa12 l 1033 (Jeon, 2012). It is also found …

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