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prostate cancer

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Prostate Cancer
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Prostate Cancer
Cancer is a severe disease that attributes to a high percent of the mortality rates across the globe. Prostate cancer is considered to be the third type of cancer leading to death cases particularly in the United States. Prostate cancer is a type of cancer which is common in men. It affects the prostate gland which is below the bladder in the pelvis. The prostate gland is responsible for secreting the seminal fluid which is crucial for the reproduction process (Eastham & Scardino, 2001). However, the cancer cells may spread across the body and become infectious to other body parts. The paper explains the prostate cancer as well as the forms of treatment and diagnosis.
Causes of Prostate Cancer
Chemical changes that contribute to DNA can lead to the development of cancer. The genes that influence cell growth can be affected hence leading to the disease. However, the genetic factors can lead to the risk of having the prostate cancer. The genes that cause cancer include BRCA 1 and RNASEL.
Prostate Cancer Risk Factors
Various risk attributes can predispose an individual to prostate cancer. Age is a prostate cancer risk factor affecting men who are above 65 years. The condition is not prevalent on the young men under the age of 40. Family history can lead to the development of the prostate cancer. It is due to the aspect of genes and inheritance. Increase in the number of the family members aff…

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