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Ref: Purchasing Processes
I would like to inform you about the procurement policies that have to be followed when making requisition for various orders at EMCA Widgets Inc. The procurement procedures consider orders that have been pre-approved and determine who has to approve based on the amount. That being the case, supplies and equipment whose total cost is below $ 5,000 and are listed on EMCA’s pre-approved list one has to complete a purchase requisition and order the item. In case, the total cost of the supplies and equipment is $ 5,000 or above and is among the listed item on the pre-approved supplies and equipment, then you should complete the purchase requisition and have the requisition signed by your manager prior ordering the specific item.
There are cases when an item you may want to order is not listed in EMCA’s pre-approved list. In case the order is with a Canadian supplier and the total cost is below $2,000, then one should collect a standard contract from the purchasing department and complete it and sign. Upon signing the contract it has to be sent to the purchasing manager for approval. In case, the order is above $ 2,000 and is supplied from outside Canada, then one should one should request the legal department to draft a special contract, fill the contract and send it to your manager for signing. Upon being signed by the respective manager then…

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