Preventing Gun Violence

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Preventing Gun Violence

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More gun control is necessary to prevent gun violence in the US. (con)
The US is a state housing millions of citizens who desire to be safe all the time. However, this fact gets hindered by the risen cases of crime and violence witnessed in the nation. These acts of evil are going beyond the average rates recorded in the past years. The vice includes not only mass shootings but also suicides by individuals. Research conducted to find out the source of this problem discovered that it lies in the issue of gun possession in the country. Owning a firearm is more of a right than a privilege to the state and denying innocent civilian ownership of a gun is likened to infringing on their rights. Laws that are meant to ensure gun control exists but since citizens feel they do not impact significantly they suggest stricter regulations to do away with this upheaval entirely.
However, more laws on gun control is not a guarantee to ending gun violence. Instead, this aspect will spur more resistance hence more fights. Guns are still accessed even with laws since criminals will always find a way of getting firearms if they are intent on causing harm. Issues of legally owned guns also exist hence a ban on the public having guns would be ineffective. The solution lies in securely allowing arms possession. Rules that define how openly people carry guns to get put in place. If people were allowed to carry firearms in the likely targeted institu…

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