Prescriptionmedicine for focal sezuire and marajara

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Prescriptionmedicine for focal sezuire and marajara

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What is the effect of Keppra and Lamictal on focus seizures?
There is limited attention to the effect of Keppra and Lamictal on focus seizures due to the paucity of evidence in this field. Available facts on the two drugs indicate that these two drugs are effective in the control of epileptic seizures as first-line treatments. However, the use of these drugs as the first choices is dependent on the objectives of the treatment process and pharmacokinetic attributes, for example, even though both Lamictal and Keppra can be used among pregnant women, the side effects linked to each type of drug are unique. There are different types of focal seizures and different pharmacotherapies have different effects depending on the type of seizure. Both lamotrigine and levetiracetam have been proved to be effective for partial seizures (otherwise known as focal seizures). However, their use depends largely depend on the balance achieved after weighing the intended benefits and associated side effects. Even though credible investigational corroboration is lacking, marijuana is used as a therapy for severe epilepsy that is not responsive to conventional pharmacotherapy.

The terms focal seizures and partial seizures are used interchangeably, but the term focal/focus seizures is often used because the term partial seizures tends to indicate the possibility of having a seizure; yet, a seizure can only be present or absent. Focal seizures are three types: “sim…

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