Preparing Chicken Tetrazzini

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Preparing Chicken Tetrazzini

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Preparing Spaghetti
First, I fill a pot with cold water and then place it on a stove and allow it to boil. Also, I add some salt to the water to taste. Second, is breaking the spaghetti pieces into halves to make it easy to cook. After this, I carefully add the spaghetti into the boiling water ensuring that all the spaghetti is covered entirely with water.
I then close the pot using a lid to allow the water to boil back and then stir the mixture to prevent the spaghetti from sticking together and on the sides of the pot. After this, there is a need to reduce the heat slightly for the spaghetti to cook well and prevent the contents from spilling over. Additionally, as the spaghetti cooks, I remove the lid to keep the water from boiling over.
The spaghetti then cooks for about ten minutes at which point I check if the spaghetti has cooked well; this involves testing for softness especially at the middle section of the strands. When the spaghetti is ready, I drain off the remaining water but leaving it with some small amounts keeping the spaghetti wet. I then place the spaghetti in a plate.
The next step is placing a pan on the stove and then pouring some sauce into it then allowing the sauce to simmer for about five minutes. After the sauce has become warm, I add the spaghetti and toss it for about three minutes allowing the mixture to cook together.
The spaghetti is now ready to be served. For the spaghetti to have additional flavor, I sprinkl…

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