Pre-Planning Your Business Plan

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Pre-Planning Your Business Plan

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Pre-Planning a Business Plan

Pre-Planning a Business Plan
Introduction of the Samarian Clinics
Samarian Clinics is a new medical facility that proposes to provide affordable pediatrics services to residents of New York City. Part of those solutions will include outpatient and inpatient services, as well as diagnostics, emergency and surgical clinics to facilitate better health care provision in the neighborhoods where they are located. The company financiers have opted to open the first three clinics in the Harlem area of New York City to serve the residents of the city and its environs. A marketing research indicates that capital can be solicited for the venture, and there is a substantial need for pediatric medical services in the city; with the particular target market being the poor neighborhoods within the city. To speedily capture a substantial customer base, the clinics will specify the target market. Other than that, the company will use local advertising platforms – such as flyers, brochures, social media and so on – for marketing purposes. Besides that, the clinic will link with business partners – such as medication and hospital instruments suppliers – who are selected based on the budget and business conveniences. As such, the clinic will partner with other business entities that advance products and services that augment its character and status as a practical medical brand.
Compelling reasons for starting Samarian Clinics
New …

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