PPC … It Ain’t Just For The Big Boys

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PPC … It Ain’t Just For The Big Boys

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Pay Per Click Advertising
From a look at three popular online marketing service providers; AdWords, Oath and Bing Ads; there are some differences such as; Bing is the cheapest with the most limited reach of the three while Google ads are the simplest regarding use and functionality. Also, Bing lacks the negative keywords functionality used by both AdWords and Oath.
Arguably, Google AdWords has the lion’s share of web traffic estimated at 67% of the market share (Grewal 6). On the other hand, the combined strength of Yahoo-owned Oath and Bing Ads commands the rest of the market share especially in regions where Google is either banned or merely unpopular.
Each of the mentioned Sites offers advantages over the other. For instance, AdWords is the crème for its unrivaled reach. However, money-conscious users are inclined towards Yahoo and Bing ads owing to their relatively cheaper rates. This is mainly due to the low demand for space and a relatively smaller number of bidders (Grewal 8).
The process of creating an AdWords ad is as simple as creating an AdWords account and starting a campaign. By just clicking on the ‘campaigns’ tab then ‘ads’ tab and ‘text ad,’ the user will be allowed to choose the group to which the ad is being added, and this includes the URL to which clients will be redirected. The ad is then saved before billing and publication.
When choosing keywords on AdWords, one needs to consider s…

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