Post-war South

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Post-war South

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Post-war South

1. Reconstruction and the post-war South
A). What were the implications of the process of reconstruction for the South?
African Americans got new rights and opportunities by reconstruction. They were free and slavery was a forgotten history. They had the opportunity to form their churches, schools and organisations. Literacy among them was improved by charitable organisations. The majority of the white southerners were making economic and social improvements that were meant to change the region to a new era (Clark, 2012). New industries and cultural venues were opened. On the other hand reconstruction also faced many challenges like; Whites resistance who despised the African Americans, corruption, terrorist attacks from Ku Klux Klan (KKK) who despised African Americans and the Republicans. Incompetence in the state government is caused by illiteracy (Fitzgerald, 2007).
B). What are the lessons of the reconstruction?
Beyond the physical imperfection, there was still a lot to reconstruct in the south other than buildings, roads and railways, farms and manufacturing. Also, the socio-political engagement needed rebuilding.
C). Can they be applied to the contemporary United States military actions in foreign countries?
The United States military has learnt a lot of lessons from the civil war and the act of reconstruction. The militants involved in foreign missions should always apply the lessons of civil strife of southern United States in reconstructing battling …

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