Political Participation

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Political Participation

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Political Participation of Women in the Middle East
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In this paper, I intend to show the trends in the political participation of women in the Middle East. I understand that the Middle East is a vast territory, and I divided it into regions, such as Turkey, Arab Middle East; Israel, and Iran, to address each accordingly. In this way, I researched on the political participation of women in the grounds of parliamentary presence, and voting power. I also aim to show how religion and patriarchy are main issues to be overcome in order for women to really understand their political power and use it to generate change.
Keywords. Middle East, Patriarchy, Women political Participation, Women suffrage.
In this essay, I intend to measure and assess us to the extent of the political participation of women in the Middle East. Understand that this is a broad subject, which might arise controversy that is why, I will approach it in the most unbiased way. I do not intend to write an apologetic or pamphlet-like essay, instead, I aim to find the facts and use them in order to construct a comprehensive essay that shows us how the Middle Eastern women have gained the right to participate in their countries political decisions.
To do that, first have to delimitate our field of study. When I speak of the Middle East, I am referring to all the countries in the eastern part of the Arab world (Egypt; Lebanon; Syria; Pale…

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