Police and Bible

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Police and Bible

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The Bible and Criminal Justice System
I agree with the post. This is because; the Old Testament’s ‘eye for an eye’ is often connected with retribution. Every law is commonly meaningless when it lacks enforcement. Individuals in the Bible did not have the police force but ensured that there was justice through enforcing laws. Individuals that were related to enforcing laws in the Bible included armed guards, watchmen, and judges. According to the Bible, God is a God of justice, a state that is needed to defend the weak and the fatherless (Glaser et al. 319). Therefore, doing the police work is part of doing a godly work. A police officer who implements the just law of the land should know that he or she is an agent of God’s anger, sent to ensure that there is tranquility. One of the core duties of a police is the dignified career, unsafe job, and an occupation with a biblical desire for righteousness and justice.
Considering the Jewish tradition, it is Moses who received the first five books written in the Hebrew Bible. Looking at the relationship between oral law and the written Torah, it is complex and rich. The bible has prioritized in making restitution to a victim over punishing the offender with regards to the eye of the wrongdoer and of which cannot help the victim in any manner. The biblical teachings only allow for lashes and capital punishment as the only way that the judiciary should be using. According…

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