Please read the files I attached very carefully.

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Please read the files I attached very carefully.

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Split- Brain Theory
The claims described in the post are accurate and correspond with descriptions pointed out in the textbook concerning the split-brain theory. Agreeably, the brain in split-brain involves two asymmetrical hemispheres that are not linked by the corpus callosum nerves thus information in either of the hemispheres is exclusively known to individual parts. The post offers examples that help in understanding presented allegations. Furthermore, the post’s conclusion that a brain can only be complete and function as a whole or one individual only if the two brain hemispheres are joined is agreeable. However, the post is ambiguous in answering the question of whether or not there are two persons in patients with split brains. In personal opinion, based on the theory, it is undoubtedly true that in a single body of a split-brain patient, there exists two consciousness due to the existence of two hemispheres that are not synchronized and do not share information as the case with normal brains.
This post provides an expansive perspective on religion employing various philosophical standpoints to support a position. Agreeably, there exists no substantive conclusion on the existence or inexistence of God nor is there any scientific or rational explanation of the same which explains the use of this premise to argue the lack of belief in a God. Given that the post does not provide a persona…

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