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Question One
By directly using abstract reasoning, the Ontological argument endeavours to provide evidence that supports the existence of God. Considering that the argument is completely a priori, there is no empirical evidence at all used to support the claim. Instead, the argument opens with an explication of the idea of God and makes an attempt confirm that there is a God on the foundation of that idea alone. Hume raises questions concerning the possibility of the existence of such proof even in principle. The argument is recognised to be ingenious in the sense that it is challenging to point out what is wrong with it, in case there is any. The forms of the arguments create a connection between three ideas: the ideas of God, of perfection, as well as of existence. The connection is that the concept of God is an extension of the idea of perfection, as well as of existence (Dewey & Deen, 2012).
The initial formulation of the ontological argument was in the 11th century by St Anselm in the second chapter of his Proslogium. He was prominent and widely acknowledged philosopher who based the Ontological argument for the identification of God as “that than which no greater can be conceived” (Dewey & Deen, 2012). According to Anselm, God has to exist once a person understands that God is that than which no greater can be conceived.
Question Two
The Two Worlds Assumption assumes that an evil demon exists, rather than assuming…

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